In 1989, planned furniture business was started. Back then, Mogi Guau and its region didnt have any company of this kind and we soon saw the possibility to offer ideas along with the commitment of providing custom-made planned furniture.

From that moment on, many things have evolved and the demand caused the necessity of a more organized and particular production. With new equipment and an updated showroom, the concept of the brand has gone farther from the installed micro-region, providing products for a very diversified public, in the area of home furniture (kitchens, bedrooms, home theaters, bathrooms, laundry rooms,...) as well as in the area of office furniture (clothing stores, shoe stores, eyewear stores, doctors offices, medical clinics, hospitals,...)

We currently own an industrial park that is more than 6.500m (from which 1.650m is a built area).

We count on a professional team with very experienced architects and interior designers to carry out diversified projects, ranging from furniture for your home and for your corporate business.



Movdea holds ISO9001 certification, besides being in constant training with 5S program. In the search for continuous improvement, Movdea has also participated in PDCA program with other companies (Mahle and Castrol, for example).

Still in the same improvement concept, our company is certified by Cetesb and also has medium-term planning to improve the use of residue left overs by giving them another destination as utilized subproducts aiming their possible commercialization and the decrease of their impact in waste level.



Movdea uses material derived from properly manipulated reservations that are certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which represents the green label with the greatest acknowledgment all over the world.

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