Programmed Purchase

Movdea programmed purchase aims to act as one more resource for our clients to have access to furniture purchase without any interest rate, in order to provide them with the best assitance in our market segment with quality and efficiency, showing that our difference is the client’s satisfaction in first place.

The inauguration of Movdea Programmed Purchase has been going on throughout this year of 2013. The program, which offers exclusive conditions and the reliability that only the manufacturer can provide, was created due to regional public recognition. Thus, we have better commercialization, better programmed purchase and the best client.

With varied plans and deadlines, Movdea Programmed Purchase aims to supply its clients a wide range of options, fulfilling their necessities and budgets (the company enables the planned furniture acquisition through a standard contract). Movdea has been acting in the planned (and custom-made) furniture field in the areas of home and office furniture, relying on teams formed by qualified professionals in commercial and project areas, as well as in industrialization and assembly, who are always avaiable to garantee the best deal for our clients.

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